History of Vendetta

"Vendetta" is the Italian term for "blood revenge". In past times, it was customary to take revenge for the perpetrated acts on the family of the other clan. Vendetta offers streetwear and fightwear that allows you to take revenge on anyone who wants to ruin your day. What are the clothes for and what motives are there? They show that you have rough edges. Present yourself as a true guy with clear ideas who does not buy his stuff off the rack. The designs were designed to attract attention and to set bold signs. Look here! I am me and no one tells me what I have to do! Attract attention and shock, made easy! Skulls and People Hater in all variations and colors, there you can let off steam! The sizes are a dream, dress as you want. It does not matter if it's a bodycon or a slouchy look, up to size 4XL everything is there. Cool guys need cool clothes, no question. Every month more than 10 new themes come out. So it pays to keep looking online for a jump. So you do not have to worry about your wardrobe getting bored. The T-shirts are the highlight of every collection. In addition, you can choose between fanny packs, sweaters and the coveted hoodies. So you are well prepared for the Urban Djungle. But summer 2019, there are also cool parts for the ladies. The Vendetta partner look certainly hits like a bomb. Just choose your personal style. What matters is the fun and the joy of being different!