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Vendetta Inc., Petrol Industries, Pro Violence, Lonsdale and many other brands men and women clothing Store address:

Yakuza Store and more 7Guns - B206, Berliner Allee 206, 13088 Berlin Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 12:00 - 19:00, Saturday from 12:00 - 18:00 We are a clothing store for casual and hip clothes, young fashion and various accessories. We opened our shop in Berlin Weißensee for you in 2010.

After a walk or skating on the Weißensee, you can relax a little while shopping in our shop nearby and learn all about the latest trends in fashion and try them on right away.    The division of our 3 rooms into a large one for men's clothes and 2 smaller ones of approx. 80 sqm for women's clothes gives you the opportunity to shop in a cosy atmosphere and lets you forget the stressful department stores.

The resulting family atmosphere is further enhanced by the furnishing of the individual rooms with a couch and corresponding table. We want to make your shopping experience as relaxed as possible and are therefore always there for you if you have any questions. Here you will find everything about young fashion and trend fashion and you will surely find something suitable for you.

The brands that we mainly have in our shop are Yakuza, Petrol and Rusty Neal but you can also find other brands and similar styles here. Here is definitely something for everyone who loves the casual style and maybe your new favorite piece of clothing is already hanging in our shop waiting for you.

Our shop is a meeting point for everyone who wants to look, look and take hip and casual clothes in a relaxed atmosphere. It is important to us that our visitors can browse and try on clothes in peace. We pay a lot of attention to cosiness and try not to create a stressful shopping atmosphere in the first place. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly sales staff. If you just want to browse through them and get some information, you are welcome to do so.

Our shop offers living room atmosphere instead of consumer hype. If you have brought your friend with you, you can park him or her on our sofa to have a look at everything and try on a piece or two. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our good living room.

With us like-minded people are among themselves.

Join the big family of the Yakuza Store in the Berliner Allee and feel at home with us. Visit in the 7Guns - Store on 07.06.2014 Berliner Allee 206, 13088 Berlin BB Klaus ( Big Brother, Porno Klaus ) Website: thank you Klaus... Just drop by on your next visit in Berlin. It is worth it in any case. We are looking forward to seeing you.