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Payment by Paypal

Who wants to pay securely and quickly to be suitable Paypal. To pay for his purchased items in an online store only, you need a Paypal account. This can be set up without any major problems, one needs is an email address and his regular bank account. The creation of a Paypal account only takes a few minutes. Just as quickly as the establishment of a Paypal account is the expiry of the payment. To pay for his purchases of goods that is needed is the email address provided by the seller, account information or bank code are not necessary. The advantage for both sides when paying via Paypal, is the rapidity. Thus, the seller right away his money and the customer, has quickly through the fast payment its goods ordered.

Should something go wrong with a purchase from an online store, for example, you do not receive their ordered goods, you have with Paypal an advantage. The who is paid through Paypal automatically protected by a buyer protection service. This means the purchase goes wrong, you do not lose money. The Paypal is charged in case of dispute the money back. For each payment and receipt of payment, Paypal charges a small fee.

Bank transfer bank transfer

Another payment option in online shopping on the Internet, is the transfer. Payment option bank transfer is widespread. Here it is used both for the payment under the advance, as well as part of the payment on account. In order to keep the duration of the payment as short as possible, many companies grant their customers a discount. This means you pay quickly a certain discount is granted.

However, the payment variant Transfer also has several disadvantages, both for sellers and buyers. Thus, the transfer until it is credited, between one to five working days take. Should there be problems with the online store, for example, one obtains not a commodity, you can not bring back the money on the bank transfer.